Life Insurance

Why do you need Life Insurance? Life is full of uncertainties & you can’t really presume that your future is devoid of risks, so to be safe one has to get himself insured so that his dependents are offered with financial help in any unforeseen event. Life Insurance caters to your following requirements :

  • Financial Security to your family
  • Investment & saving options
  • Protection of your home mortgage
  • Saving options for Retirement through Pension plans
  • Saving options for Children through Children Insurance Plans

Term Insurance : The Term Insurance policy is a Plain Vanilla Insurance Plan which offers financial help to the family in case of Insured’s demise only during a limited term/tenure of the plan. As & when the policy expires, you don’t receive any benefits at the maturity. One of the most striking features of this plan is its Premium rates which are very low along with the maximum sum assured. Now Insurance Companies have brought in Premium Back Term Plans wherein you get benefits at the maturity of the term even if you don’t make any claims, however this feature tends to increase the overall Premium amount.

Popular LIC Plans:

LIC Endowment Plans LIC Children plans

New Endowment Plan -814


New Endowment Plan-814


New Jeevan Anand -815


Single Premium Endowment Plan-817


Single Premium Endowment Plan-817


New Children Money Back Plan -832

lic_jeevan_rakshak-1024x372 Jeevan Rakshak Plan -827 jeevanlakshya833       Jeevan Lakshya Plan -833
ltdpremium830 Limited Premium Endowment Plan -830 lic_jeevan_tarun-compressed Jeevan Tarun Plan -834
jeevanlakshya833Jeevan Lakshya Plan- 833 lics-bima-diamond-plan-detail-1475158270Bima Diamond Plan-841

Jeevan Labh Plan -836


LIC Jeevan Tarun

lic-jeevan-pragati-planJeevan Pragathi Plan-837  
LIC Money Back Plans LIC Pure Protection Plans

New Money Back 25 Years Plan 821

New Money Back 20 Years Plan 820


LIC Anmol Jeevan -II-Plan No 822

LIC Amulya Jeevan-II -Plan No 823


New Bima Bachat-Plan no 816


  LICs Jeevan Umang -Plan no 845

lics-bima-diamond-plan-detail-1475158270 Bima Diamond Plan-841  
LIC Retirement Plans LIC Single Premium Plans

Lic Jeevan Akshay VI -Plan no 189


LIC New Bima Bachat-Plan no 816

LIC’s Aadhar Shila-Plan No 844


LIC New Single Premium Endowment-Plan No817

LIC ULIP insurance Plans LIC Health Insurance Plans


New Endowment Plus Plan-835


Jeevan Arogya Plan No 904